Liquid Pigment Dispensers

Assortments of custom liquid weighing dispensers are also available from IndusTec.  Liquid dispensers are an economical alternative for systems where colored batches are made and the annual pigment consumption is limited.

Mixing tanks for on-site slurry preparations are suitable for users with a high consumption rate, offering them the flexibility to select the best deal possible for powder pigments.

Liquid System

Liquid Pigment Dispensers
Liquid Dispensing System, shown above

What makes IndusTec liquid pigment dispensers the clear choice for your facility?
EZ to Interface

The dispenser control system can communicate with your existing batch control panel via discrete I/O.  If a more sophisticated control is designed, the system can be interfaced directly into a batch control network.

EZ to Operate

A touch screen operator interface allows easy access to change formulas or parameters and also monitor system performance during production.

EZ to Maintain

To minimize the expense of down time, our system has been designed to require minimum maintenance and make it as easy as possible when it must be performed.  If an emergency should occur, we stock a full line of replacement parts, most that are available for delivery next day.

EZ to Customize

Our standard dispenser, available in several configurations, will adequately meet the requirements of even the most unique applications.  If not, we are able to modify our system to meet your specific needs.